Terms of use

We take the issues of child safety very seriously, and this includes the use of images of children. We occasionally include images of children in publications, but we have a duty of care which means that the children must remain unidentifiable, reducing the risk of inappropriate contact, if images are used in this way. Photographs and digital images of children in Methodist church printed publications and/or websites will only be used for church purposes and the identity of the child will be protected. During particular events it is possible that children/young person below the age of 18 may be photographed or recorded [audio or visual]. The organisers of the event will take steps to ensure that these images are used solely for the purposes that they are intended, which is the celebration and promotion of the Methodist Church’s work with children and young people. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform an official as soon as possible. The Methodist Church takes the issue of child safety very seriously and we believe we have a duty of care. This means that images of children and young people will remain unidentifiable, with names and identifying information being withheld.